About Personalized Course Pricing

arrow_drop_down How do I create a profile to access my personalized course pricing?

Our MicroMasters program is delivered through the online platform edX.org. Using this link you create an account and register for whichever classes you wish to take. By registering for the classes, you are put on the audit track to take the courses for free. However, if you are interested in the paid track and receiving the certificate(s), you must make an account on the DEDP online portal in order to complete your payment. Use this link to create an account on our DEDP portal. This will prompt you to enter your personal and financial information to determine your personalized course pricing. By paying on the online portal and passing the online portion of the course, you are then eligible for taking the proctored exam and receiving a certificate from MITx.

arrow_drop_down Is there any additional financial support available?

We offer a limited number of learners a $100 course price coupon for one course applicable for that semester only. To qualify for one of these coupons, you must have an annual income of less than $10,000 USD and must submit your documents through the MicroMasters Portal.

Scholarships are occasionally available on a limited basis. These opportunities are always advertised over email to eligible learners.

We also encourage learners to seek outside funding.

arrow_drop_down What is the deadline for submitting my financial documents?

To facilitate the timely verification of your declared income and ensure that your eligibility for a particular course price can be confirmed, we recommend that you submit your documents to us as soon as possible.

If you are planning to sit the proctored exam in the upcoming testing session, please refer to the dates and deadlines page. We won’t be able to process documents after the listed date, so please make sure that you have the relevant documents ready in time! If you submit the documentation after the deadline, you will still be able to take the online portion of the course during the current semester; however, once the deadline has passed, you are no longer eligible to take the proctored exam during the upcoming testing session but you can instead take the exam in a future semester.

arrow_drop_down How can I send my financial documents to MIT?

You can send your documents securely online or postal service. not send your documents as an email attachment.

Our online document:


Our mailing address is:


DEDP MicroMasters

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue E19-235D

Cambridge, MA 02139

United States of America

Please note you must have a financial profile created in order to have your documents approved.

arrow_drop_down Can I send my documents as an email attachment?

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept documentation via email. We apologize for the inconvenience.

arrow_drop_down How soon will I hear from you after submitting my documents?

Once your documentation has been received, your verification of personalized pricing should be processed within one to five business days. However, especially as the document deadline approaches, the process may take slightly longer.

You will receive an email when the submitted documents have been received. Following this confirmation, you will receive a notification that the verification is complete. At this time, you may log onto your MicroMasters portal and complete your online payment.

arrow_drop_down How can I ensure my documents reach MIT if I choose to send them by mail?

If you are unable to fax the documents and choose to mail them instead, we recommend that you select a carrier that offers mail-tracking services in order to avoid ambiguity around the expected delivery date, and track the status of your shipment.

arrow_drop_down Whose income should I report?

Report your taxable household income. Please refer to the FAQ above regarding “household” if you need any further clarification.

arrow_drop_down What documents do you require to verify the income information I entered?

Submit a signed photocopy of the most recent federal tax return of all income earners in your household as defined above. If your documentation is not in English, please also provide a translation. Additionally, see the FAQ answer below if you are unable to provide our team with a tax return.

*Please note that you must include a cover page to any mail or fax with your name or the name of the MicroMasters learner in order to ensure the documentation is verified for the correct person.

arrow_drop_down What if I am unable to provide you with a tax return?

We will also accept a notarized income statement (i.e. a statement of annual salary, printed on the official letterhead of your employer, including the employer’s address and contact information, and signed by the employer). The income statement you submit must be signed by an authorized notary and contain an official seal/stamp and contact information. If your household income is based on more than one earner, you must submit notarized income statements for each earner.

If you are unable to provide any of this information, you may use this document to submit a statement itemizing how your household supports itself. Please keep in mind this must also be notarized.

*Please note that you must include a cover page to any mail or fax with your name or the name of the MicroMasters learner in order to ensure the documentation is verified for the correct person.

arrow_drop_down What if no one in my household is employed?

Please submit either one of the following: a signed federal tax return (where you filed for zero income), a photocopy of an official receipt or check of unemployment benefits received, or a notarized letter verifying your unemployment status. If you cannot provide any of these documents, please submit this document itemizing how your household supports itself on no income (this must be notarized).

arrow_drop_down What should I do if my financial documents are written in a language other than English?

Please submit notarized income statements in English. If you are unable to provide documents in English, please submit a translation of the statement(s) along with the original, notarized income statement. If you are submitting a tax return in a language other than English, please submit a translation with the original tax return. We do not require the translation to be certified – you can translate the document yourself.

arrow_drop_down Do I need to include anything other than the actual documentation?

We require that learners also attach a cover sheet to both faxes and mail with your first and last name. We ask this to ensure the documentation and verification is added to the correct learner.

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