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arrow_drop_down What is group enrollment?

Group enrollment is offered to any company that wants to enroll ten employees or more and can pay for their verified certificates in bulk, as a group.

arrow_drop_down How does group enrollment work?

The MITx MicroMasters team works directly with your company contact to set up group enrollment. A coupon code will be provided to your company, that you will distribute to your employees taking the course. Your employees will still have to create an edX account and enroll themselves in the course.

arrow_drop_down When do I enroll my group?

Group enrollment opens as soon as the course opens on edX. We highly encourage you to enroll before the course starts. However courses remain open for enrollment during the first three weeks.


Future Courses Dates

Supply Chain Analytics (SC0x): starts Sept. 5, 2018
Supply Chain Fundamentals (SC1x): starts June 27, 2018
Supply Chain Design (SC2x): starts Sept. 19, 2018
Supply Chain Dynamics (SC3x): starts June 20, 2018
Supply Chain Technology and Systems (SC4x): starts Sept. 12, 2018

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