March 2019 - PoM Learner Testimonials

The first full run of the Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters® program will finish at the end of this May! Take a look at what our learners have been saying about their experience in the classes of our inaugural program.

As an industrial engineer, I look to advance my career and knowledge through some self-learning. We have already learnt about [Statistical Process Control (SPC)] but really this course was out of my expectations, I have learnt how to implement a SPC model in a manufacturing step by step and this one of points that has not been done in my class. So my goal now is either to hook an opportunity in a Multinational Automotive Manufacturer or to apply for some M.Sc. And I think this course or the whole MicroMaster[s] will be a great help to achieve those goals.

I was able to obtain a great deal of depth in process control. This course really gives me the know-how and confidence to be able to tackle the very relevant issue of process control. Together with the next iteration of the course I hope to be able to use the skills in my current line of work which involves working closely with the manufacturing plant in designing and commissioning new manufacturing lines that are able to deliver the right product quality and volumes while minimizing the costs.

I see the benefits this course offers to be used immediately at my workplace. I can use the teachings to provide input to management for scheduling and forecasting. I appreciate this course and look forward to part 2 for my next class in the Credentials program.

Amazing materials and instructors. It is the best course until now that I took with MIT edx. The videos are supported by examples which give a better understanding of the content. Many thanks for this course.

This course impacts my future because supply chain is the work of future. It's not very developed in Senegal--my country. That's the reason why I enrolled in this program to improve my knowledge in SCM and systems. That' s my motivation and I will enroll in other MicroMasters classes.

This course will definitely influence my decision on how where to invest my money. It also useful to me in managing my company in the future.

The course will support my professional development and career progression in an industrial/R&D engineering environment. The biggest benefit of the course is to get to understand business areas which are usually not accessible to engineers who work on purely engineering tasks.

This course has shown me that I quite enjoy the engineering management field, and I do find the information and topics quite interesting and very helpful from both an academic and professional perspective. It gives me motivation to continue pursuing my masters in engineering management in the future!!

January 2019 - MIT MEng alumni talk

Hear MIT alumni share about their experience and the value of the Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing and Design (MEng) degree.

The PoM program is derived from the 1st term curriculum of the MIT MEng degree. The MIT MEng program is also one of the pathways from the PoM MicroMasters program (see Pathways to Masters for more information).

Future Courses Dates

Manufacturing Systems I: starts May 25, 2021
Supply Chains for Manufacturing:Capacity Analytics: starts Aug. 17, 2021
Manufacturing Process Control I: starts Aug. 24, 2021
Manufacturing Process Control II: starts Oct. 19, 2021
Management in Engineering: Accounting and Planning: starts Oct. 19, 2021

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