DEDP Program Updates:

  1. Proctored Exams
  2. More ways to earn a MicroMasters Program credential.

Proctored Exams

Previously, the proctored exams for all DEDP courses were offered after the end of an online course, in separate, special stand-alone exam. In the past, learners could submit payment for a DEDP course and wait to take the proctored exam in a future semester.

Starting in the Fall 2022 DEDP semester — for courses starting on or after September 6th, 2022 — learners who submit payment for a DEDP course must now sit for that course’s proctored exam in the same semester that they submitted payment. Learners may no longer submit payment for a DEDP course and wait to take the proctored exam in a future semester. As always, learners are welcome to take any DEDP course for free, on the Audit track.

The deadline to pay for Fall 2022 courses is October 7th, 2022. Any learner who wants to sit for a Proctored Exam in a Fall 2022 course must enroll in the course session and pay for that course before the October 7th deadline. Learners who have already passed the course will still need to enroll, but do not need to retake the course in order to take the proctored exam (consult the chart below). Additionally, all learners who make this payment are eligible to sit for the proctored exam, regardless of whether they pass the portion of the course preceding the proctored exam.

Our team has created a chart to help learners determine what next steps, if any, they need to take based on their status for each DEDP course at the start of the Fall 2022 term. Take a look at the chart below to determine your status:

DEDP Exam Chart

* If you would like to pay to retake the course and retake its corresponding  proctored exam, you don’t need to contact us. You can enroll in any of the courses offered in the term and complete payment before the deadline.

If you’re not sure about your status, please email us at 

To enroll in your next DEDP course, make sure that you have created an MITx Online account. Choose your preferred course from the MITx Online catalogue to enroll. (For more detailed instructions, check out our course enrollment FAQs for existing DEDP learners and new DEDP learners).

To pay for your course and its corresponding proctored exam, make sure that you have created a MicroMasters Portal account at Log in to your MicroMasters Portal account and go to your MicroMasters Portal dashboard (, click "Continue with MITx Online" and complete payment.

Please note that for all courses starting on September 6th, the enrollment and payment deadline is now October 7th. 

More ways to earn a MicroMasters Program credential.

In order to earn a MicroMasters Program Credential in DEDP, learners must complete a total of 2 electives and 3 core courses. At least one elective must be an ADVANCED Elective course. For more information on DEDP MicroMasters program requirements, please visit our FAQ page.

This table illustrates the courses learners need to pass in order to earn a MicroMasters Program Credential:

DEDP COURSE ROADMAP - SU22 - edited.jpg

Please review our FAQ or reach out to our team at with any additional questions.

Future Courses Dates

Fall 2022: starts Sept. 6, 2022
Spring 2023: starts Jan. 31, 2023

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