DEDP Program Updates:

  1. Application for the DEDP Master's program at MIT
  2. MicroMasters Scholarships
  3. Grading Policy Update
  4. Proctored Exams

Application for the DEDP Master's Program at MIT

The application for the DEDP master's program at MIT is now live!

The application deadline for the spring 2025 cohort is Tuesday, January 16, 2024 though we encourage applicants to start early. You can learn more about the program and the admissions requirements on the MIT economics website. Here is the link to the application.

MicroMasters Scholarships

We are excited to announce new scholarships for learners in different regions of the world! The scholarship application for the fall term is closed. More information about scholarships for the spring term will be available in January 2024.

Grading Policy Update

Starting in the spring term of 2023, proctored exams will be worth 70% of the total course grade (rather than 60%). All other coursework will now be worth 30% of the total course grade:

Total Course Grade = (70% * Proctored Exam Score) + (30% * All Other Coursework)

However, learners will no longer have to pass the proctored exam to earn a course certificate. As before, the passing grade for every course is 50%.

Proctored Exams

Learners who submit payment for a DEDP course must now sit for that course’s proctored exam in the same semester that they submitted payment. If you’re not sure about your status, please email us at You can review the proctored exam policies in more detail on the Proctored Exams page.

Future Course Dates

Spring 2024: starts Jan 16, 2024
Summer 2024: starts May 14, 2024

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