MITx MicroMasters® Program for Organizations and Academic Institutions

We provide leading education and training solutions online for your workforce and student learners.

MITx MicroMasters programs deliver online graduate-level MIT courses to global audiences for a fraction of the price of a traditional program.

Organizations from all industries find high value in offering learning and development opportunities from the MITx MicroMasters programs to their workforce.

Through our rigorous, world-class courses and programs, learners bring new skills and knowledge back to the organization.

Academic institutions around the world incorporate MITx MicroMasters programs and courses into their existing education initiatives, offering students the unique opportunity to access MIT instructors and courses to augment their learning experiences.

Additionally, academic institutions with innovative mindsets work closely with us to pilot integrated programs between MITx MicroMasters programs, the university, and its local ecosystem.

If your organization would like to bulk enroll a group of employees or students to our program, please contact us at

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