What is the MicroMasters® Program Credential?

A MicroMasters program credential is a professional and academic credential for online learners from anywhere in the world. To earn the credential, learners must pass an integrated set of MIT graduate-level courses on edX.org, and one or more proctored exams. This credential is valuable in and of itself. Additionally, credential-holders can then apply for an accelerated, on campus, master’s degree program at MIT or other universities. All MicroMasters program credential holders are also considered affiliates of the MIT Alumni Association.

MicroMasters program courses offer the same learning and challenge as MIT courses.

All MITx MicroMasters program courses are delivered on

How It Works

Online Learning

Take a series of online courses on edX, and pass all the course requirements.

Proctored Tests

Pass one (or more) proctored exams—either a single final exam, or one exam for each course, depending on the program.

Earn a Valuable Credential and Boost Your Network

A MicroMasters program credential from MITx proves that you’ve gained the knowledge and skills to stand out in your field and qualifies you as an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association. Learn More

Pursue a Master’s

Learners who complete the MicroMasters program can apply for the Master’s degree program at MIT or other universities.

MITx MicroMasters Programs

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Why should I enroll?

Convenient & Flexible

Take online courses on a schedule that fits your needs, and meet motivated learners who share your interests.

Accelerate Your Master’s

A MicroMasters program is a faster path to a master’s degree from MIT and other universities, and is recognized by employers for providing deep learning in specific career fields.

Save Money & Time

A MicroMasters program is an affordable option for professionals who can’t take off time to earn a traditional master’s degree.

Grow Your Network

After you earn your MicroMasters® program credential, you will become an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association. Learn More

“We will find people who never thought they would be able to apply to MIT. And they will discover that they are much stronger in the global competition than they think.”

Rafael Reif, MIT President

“Inverted admissions has the potential to disrupt traditional modes of access to higher education… We’re democratizing access to a master’s program for learners worldwide.”

Sanjay Sarma, Vice President of Open Learning, MIT